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Vulnerabilities discovered earlier in the development lifecycle are far more cost-effective than after launch. Far too many applications are launched only to be featured on the news for the wrong reasons. In a rush to rapidly release features and functionalities, at an agile break-neck pace, it is no surprise that the Verizon Data Breach Report outlines that 90% of the hacking incidents analyzed leveraged web applications as a vector in the breach.

DevSecOps Solution

DevSecOps that is integrated early in your development cycle can act as an extension of your development team to find and flag vulnerabilities within your existing defect management systems before UAT. DevSecOps is non-functional testing and requires a very different skill set than your existing QA teams.

Packetlabs is uniquely positioned as a Cybersecurity firm specialized in Ethical Hacking. We intimately understand application security because it’s all that we do. Let us explore your applications from an attacker mindset. The Packetlabs team has some of the most advanced penetration testing designations in the industry, and we’re just getting started.

Application Security Impact Assessment

An impact assessment is a critical piece of the DevSecOps integration process. It is the initial trigger to integrate security testing within the development process and asks the essential questions to understand the impact of the release on the security of your organization.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Integrated into your development process, DAST is a technology that can find vulnerabilities in your applications through application fuzzing. Fuzzing is the process of sending arbitrary data to each and every request for user input to check for vulnerabilities. DAST tests your applications running over HTTP and evaluates the security of your codebase together with your infrastructure stack.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

SAST is a source-code review that’s purpose is to discover vulnerabilities in your code as early as possible. SAST helps discover vulnerabilities that may exist in your code, but may not be referenced by existing functionality or more hard-to-find vulnerabilities that are conditional and very challenging to exploit.

CI/CD Integration

Integrating SAST/DAST technologies into your build process can automatically trigger testing after a build. This process can leverage your existing Azure Pipeline or Jenkins deployment.

Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing is a robust process to assess applications with comprehensive manual testing. Packetlabs leverages an enhanced checklist based on the globally recognized OWASP standards and provides coverage well beyond the OWASP Top 10.

How does this work?

How does this work?

Map and integrate into the existing software development lifecycle

Perform Application Security Impact Assessment to understand requirements

Develop and integrate technology solutions to facilitate SAST/DAST

Perform CI/CD Integration (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Teamcity (DAST only))

Verify the results for accuracy and file defects

In SIT/UAT – Perform thorough manual Security QA testing for more hard-to-find vulnerabilities

Retest all defects and verify mitigated findings do not impact production release

Draft and share Application Security Testing report with recommendation GO/NO-GO

What We Deliver

Transparency through DevSecOps process

Early discovery of critical findings

Reduction in cybersecurity risk


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April 29, 2016


Our security testing methodology is derived from the OWASP Top 10:2013 and has been enhanced with current threats and our overall experience in the industry.




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