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ICS/OT Cyber Security Assessment


An Industrial Control System/Operational Technology security assessment is important to ensure the safety and security of devices or systems that are used to control, manage, monitor and/or otherwise impact operational processes and activities. An assessment simulates the likelihood of an attacker reaching the control centre from an external and internal perspective and can help identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts to reduce risk.

What you’ll get:
  • A Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) certified tester ensuring production-safe testing

  • 100% manual testing ensuring no impact on the OT environment

  • OT-specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) related to ICS (industrial control systems)

  • An assessment of the network segmentation between IT and OT

  • A white-box configuration review of the OT environment to maximize the discovery of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations while minimizing impact

Why conduct an ICS/OT Cyber Security Assessment?

Understand accessibility in and out of your OT environment
  • Identify networking gaps that could lead to OT access

Majority of OT devices do not have security controls by default
  • Gain insight into OT-specific compensating controls where IT controls

Prevent a devastating outage
  • Not all attackers are looking for ransom. Identify the likelihood of a severe outage

Determine the likelihood of a successful OT attack

By completing technical and non-technical checks, Packetlabs helps you determine if your OT environment is at risk. We analyze your security posture and make recommendations to improve it so that you can better withstand potential data breaches in future years!

Service highlight icons for In SIT/UAT
Proactive protection

Determine the preparedness of your system and team's response.

ID Vulnerable Gaps icon
Find and flag vulnerabilities

Identify and fix any weaknesses to help prevent an attack.

Service highlight icon for operation security
Protect your OT

Keep your OT environment secure by taking preventative measures.

Service highlight icon for physical and environmental security
Production Safe

Non-intrusive testing ensures availability to your OT environment.

What People Say About Us

Adam B.

During the test the engineer assigned to our case would notify us of any high-priority findings with detailed explanations of the risks right away. They were also quickly responsive to our emails during the test.

- Adam B.
  V.P. Engineering


PacketLabs gives the partner peace of mind and reassurance that their cybersecurity needs taken care of. Their team is full of experts who go above and beyond the scope of the engagement.

- Anonymous
  Director of IT


The result report was easy to follow and insightful, with recommendations on risk exposure and remediation. We would definitely recommend working with PacketLabs.

- Charlene
  Small Business Owner


Our experience with Packetlabs was very positive. They offer excellent service, communicated clearly with us throughout the process, and were very accomodating regarding our timelines. We highly recommend Packetlabs.

- Anonymous
  Human Resources

Ian W.

Since engaging Packetlabs, we've been confident in our ability to bid for Pentest engagements no matter the scenario, environment or requirement - they've made the whole process of scoping, quoting, and delivering (on time and on budget) seamless.

- Ian W.
  Security Sales Specialist


They shared the results with us in a management report. We discussed all the findings and how we could fix them in meetings, and they also provided us with optional solutions. They did everything remotely.

- Anonymous
  IT Infrastructure Manager


The team worked quickly to identify any issues, write up reports, and offer recommendations. Their friendliness set them apart and made them more of a partner than merely a service provider.

- Anonymous
  IT Director


Thanks to Packetlabs Ltd.'s excellent cybersecurity efforts, the company was able to resolve its vulnerabilities and establish its secure VPN tunnel. Their responsiveness and diligence were hallmarks of their work.

- Anonymous


After performing extensive tests, Packetlabs Ltd. produced a thorough report that explained any potential security flaws. Accommodating schedule changes, the team supported effective collaboration.

- Anonymous
  Project Manager, ECEBC


Packetlabs Ltd. successfully identified new and preexisting issues, making it easy for the client to resolve them. The team often went above and beyond to explore issues further and provide valuable information for the client.

- Anonymous
  Sr Director Technology


From the first phone call to the tech interview and progress updates, they have demonstrated a complete understanding of our needs, are very proactive and responsive, and have clear communication.

- Anonymous
  Small Business Owner


Packetlabs Ltd. delivered exactly as requested, meeting the objectives of the project. Not only was the team able to complete the analysis quickly, but they were also open and honest throughout the entire process.

- Anonymous
  VP Engineering & Founder

ICS/OT Cyber Security Assessment Service Highlights

Service highlight icon for physical and environmental security
Production safe testing

Maintain availability while uncovering threats

Service highlight icon for Business logic
Network segmentation

Check if OT and IT are adequately segmented

Service highlight icon for identity management
Attacker mindset

Identify how an attacker would access your OT

Service highlights icon for Develop and integrate technology solutions to facilitate SAST/DAST
Insecure configurations

Find the risks to default and outdated OT equipment

Download Resources

ICS/OT Security Methodology

An assessment simulates the likelihood of an attacker reaching the control centre from an external and internal perspective and can help identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts to reduce risk.

Download Methodology


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