Why Packetlabs

Our goal is to leave your digital space safer than we found it. We break things apart to build better. By educating and consulting, we are your trusted guide through daunting cybersecurity challenges.

Who We Are

Packetlabs is a passionate team of highly trained, proactive ethical hackers. We protect and secure organizations from costly cybersecurity breaches by collaborating with them to enhance and strengthen their security posture.

Providing expert-level penetration testing services that are thorough and tailored to you, we help foster a safe digital space where everyone has the right to privacy, cybersecurity, and a thriving future.


Our Purpose

We help foster safe digital spaces where everyone has the right to privacy, cybersecurity, and a thriving future.

Our findings serve one key purpose - strengthening your security posture. We’re passionate about your wins. With our comprehensive methodology, we not only analyze complex attack paths to find a solution, we make sure to return and verify fixes that actually move the needle.

We love asking questions to dig deeper, and encourage knowledge sharing. You can rest easy while we tackle the vulnerabilities and demonstrate their impact.

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Our Core Values: We Go Beyond The Checkbox

  • No Egos. Ever. icon

    No egos, ever.

    The more you learn the less you know. We are not authoritative in our approach with clients and reports. We are informative and do our best to help improve security. We are all willing to ask questions and are committed to continual learning.

  • Be Amazing. Together. icon

    Be amazing, together.

    On all our projects, we work together. We are all extensively trained, but we work together to ensure we minimize blind spots with everything that we do. When someone gets stuck, or has a finding that may lead to a compromise, we all work together to review the issue from multiple sources of perspective.

  • Dig deeper to deliver more icon

    Dig deeper to deliver more.

    The strength of the Packetlabs team is our relentless pursuit of thoroughness. We have developed an extensive methodology for each service offering and align a checklist to ensure we explore each and every test case. Our team always goes the extra mile because we’re all passionate about what we do. This is not a job, this is who we are.

  • Always be learning icon

    Always be learning.

    Curiosity is part of who we are. We are constantly asking ourselves who, what, when, where, why in order to better understand the design of everything that we test and identify weaknesses. We believe that having an unshakable fascination with our work, colleagues, and clients gives us the opportunity to learn new things and form deeper understandings.

  • Be a good person icon

    Be a good person.

    We are open and honest with our clients and refuse to cut corners because we know we can do better. We validate integrity when onboarding new employees (background checks), extensive training and practical certifications, and peer reviews of testing and our reports.

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