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Packetlabs Ltd. Named One of Toronto’s Most Reviewed IT Services Partners


It's official: Packetlabs has been named one of Toronto's most reviewed IT services partners.

Having been in the business of saving organizations from what a client aptly named "company-killing asteroids" for over 12 years, the team here at Packetlabs couldn't be more honoured to have been listed as a top cybersecurity partner by The Manifest.

Here's everything you need to know:

What is The Manifest?

The Manifest is a B2B research guide based out of Washington DC and is an official partner of Clutch, one of our primary review platforms. The site annually holds an awards cycle to spotlight the top companies that, over the course of the year, built what they deem as "exceptional client relationships." The awardees are chosen based on the volume of honest testimonials they’ve received.

The Manifest highlights the value of trust between service providers and their clients. For every category, 15 leaders are determined based on the quantity of testimonials and recommendations they’ve garnered over the preceding twelve months.

This is not our first win on the platform. Last year, we also received the same award. We wanted to say thank you to each and every one of our clients for making this possible: our team's level of dedication, quality, and most importantly, consistency, is only achievable because of the feedback that's been provided.

Packetlabs as One of Toronto's Most Reviewed IT Service Partners

Here at Packetlabs Ltd., we take cybersecurity beyond the checkbox.

Packetlabs is a SOC 2 Type II accredited cybersecurity firm specializing in penetration testing services. To strengthen your security posture, we offer solutions such as penetration testing, adversary simulation, application security and other security assessments.

Our full list of offerings include:

  • DevSecOps: DevSecOps is integrated early in your development cycle and acts as an extension of your development team to flag vulnerabilities within your existing detected management systems

  • Red Teaming: Red Teaming is a full-scope simulated attack designed to get a holistic review of the level of risk and vulnerabilities across people, processes, and tech in an organization

  • Purple Teaming: Purple Teaming is our collaborative testing exercise where the Packetlabs red team works with your internal security operations team (or blue team) to bridge the gap between offensive techniques and response efforts

  • Cyber Maturity Assessments: A Cyber Maturity Assessment supports the tactical direction of your cybersecurity strategy. As the first step in strengthening your security posture, this assessment generates the roadmap to strengthen your overall security program

  • Compromise Assessments: A Compromise Assessment uncovers past or present threats like zero-day malware, trojans, ransomware, and other anomalies that may go unnoticed in standard automated vulnerability scans

  • OT Assessments: OT Cybersecurity Assessments simulate the likelihood of an attacker reaching the control centre from an external and internal perspective with production-safe testing

  • Ransomware Penetration Testing: A ransomware penetration test evaluates the preparedness and risk of a ransomware attack and identifies gaps in people, processes, and technology, to determine the likelihood and readiness for a ransomware attack

  • Cloud Penetration Testing: Multiple perspectives help with strengthening your security posture. These include Cloud Penetration Testing, which simulates an attacker in the environment, and a Cloud Penetration Review, which provides insights into cloud-specific vulnerabilities originating from an insecure configuration. Each of these services can be conducted separately or, for maximum effectiveness, combined as an enhanced cloud security bundle

  • Objective-based Penetration Testing: Following a preliminary penetration test, objective-based testing conducts a more advanced simulated cybersecurity attack. The test is conducted by persistent ethical hackers who deploy multiphase attacks to gain access to your organization's data so that you can discover gaps and vulnerabilities unique to your organization and test your ability to detect and respond to threat actor

  • Application Security Testing: More targeted in scope than a regular pentest, application security testing uncovers vulnerabilities residing in your web and mobile apps. Application Security Testing actively explores your application from an attacker’s perspective

  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing: An infrastructure penetration testing assessment uncovers vulnerabilities in your IT and network systems and provides a tailored approach to each environment

These are in addition to the Packetlabs Portal, which enables you to quickly view findings, prioritize efforts, request retests after remediation, and monitor progress.

The Difference 95% Manual Penetration Testing Makes

On top of employing only OSCP-minimum certified ethical hackers, the Packetlabs difference boils down to our 95% manual penetration testing.

Instead of outsourcing our work or relying on automated VA scans, we guarantee zero false positives via our in-depth approach and passion for innovation: our security testing methodology is derived from the SANS Pentest Methodology, the MITRE ATT&CK framework for enterprises, and NIST SP800-115 to ensure compliance with the majority of common regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive methodology has been broken up based on which areas can be tested with automation and those which require extensive manual testing.

Alongside celebrating our twelfth year in business this year, our 95% manual penetration testing yielded a partnership with the SickKids Foundation, which was another one of our 2023 highlights: the SickKids Foundation is a fundraising organization based in Toronto that supports the Hospital with sick children. With over 1.5 million active donors, the foundation collects and manages sensitive information, which could result in reputational damage and loss of donors if breached.


Being named one of Toronto's most reviewed IT service partners is the best company anniversary gift we could have asked for. Thank you for making it a reality for two years in a row.

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