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Have You Been Breached? It May Be Time For A Compromise Assessment


With the rising number of cybersecurity crimes, protecting your data is becoming increasingly challenging. Cybercrime damages will rise to $6 trillion annually by the end of 2021. The looming threat of expensive damages makes it essential for businesses to understand the different cybersecurity measures to safeguard their company’s data and IT systems.

One such critical measure is a compromise assessment.  A compromise assessment is your answer to the question, “Has my company’s security been breached?” 

The first step towards keeping your organization safe from various cyber threats is to understand them thoroughly and confirm if you have been breached.  A compromise assessment service is a cost-effective solution to expose a breach or a threat and mitigate it promptly.

A compromise assessment is also valuable for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), where the complex, heterogeneous IT resources of two organizations have to work together safely.

Knowledge is power.  A compromise assessment will give you a simplified snapshot of your current cybersecurity status. It will also give you sufficient information to swiftly mitigate an active breach, if any, and prevent future attacks. Armed with this knowledge, you gain the peace of mind to focus completely on revenue-generating activities in your core business domain.

You can share your updated cybersecurity baseline with your customers, too. So, you gain your customers’ trust to increase sales quickly.

Compromise Assessment: An Easy Way to Identify if You Have Been Breached 

A compromise assessment is a penetration test that includes both automated and manual inspections.

Whether the threat is a zero-day malware, Trojan, ransomware or any other risk that may go unnoticed in standard automated vulnerability scans, our ethical hackers can uncover them. 

A compromise assessment helps you discover undetected security breaches, malware and signs of unauthorized access by conducting an objective survey of your network and its devices. The assessment aims at finding existing attackers in your company’s IT environment or those who have been active recently.

The following symptoms typically accompany a breach:

  • Network applications are using more bandwidth than usual to send and receive traffic. They may also be sending it to an obfuscated, insecure server. 

  • Mobile and web applications are running key loggers or credential-stealing malware intended to compromise networks from within.

  • You are using out-of-date software with weak passwords that can easily be hacked.

A compromise assessment eradicates the risks these symptoms present by providing evidence of potential threats and identifying indicators of compromise (IoC). Contact us to get a free quote for an affordable compromise assessment.

How Can a Compromise Assessment Help You? 

Detecting a wide array of Anomalies by 

  • Identifying any indicators of compromise or threat actors in your current IT environment

  • Exposing gaps that may weaken the ability to spot a breach

  • Uncovering ongoing or past intrusions 

  • Assessing your system based on industry trends, local risks and global threats

Eliminating the Guesswork and Reducing Dwell Time and Resource Costs by

  • Ensuring attackers have not penetrated your defences

  • Conducting a thorough examination of your systems — ethical hackers will comb through your archived traffic to find anomalies

  • Determining the efficiency of current security controls and processes from endpoint to endpoint

  • Helping you gain confidence in your company’s security posture by strengthening it

Ensuring a Successful Merger and Acquisition Transaction by

  • Delivering ironclad security to customers and multiple stakeholders

  • Avoiding unnecessary risks or expenses before entering into an M&A transaction 

  • Ensuring the quality of assets, IT infrastructure and data

  • Evaluating the potential cybersecurity impact of merging two IT infrastructures and data

  • Establishing your credibility and buyer trust

What Actions Should be Initiated When You Have Been Breached? 

We suggest that you carry out a compromise assessment irrespective of whether a breach has occurred or not. Why wait for a breach to occur when you can safeguard your company and avoid the heavy damage cybercrime inflicts?

Ensure you look for a third-party penetration tester that uses automation in the initial stages to increase efficiency and employs manual testing by a certified OSCP ethical hacker to ensure maximum coverage to uncover commonly overlooked issues.

When choosing a penetration testing company, we recommend selecting a company specializing in compromise assessments, offering the following. 

  • Penetration testing for your applications and systems that may be compromised

  • Complete system configuration reviews for Unix and Windows to identify malicious traits/IOCs

  • A company-wide IOC scan to identify potentially impacted systems

  • Authenticated vulnerability scans to understand attack surface area

  • A review of system logs on select endpoints, servers, firewalls and anti-virus solutions

  • An active directory assessment to identify potential privilege escalation paths

  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering to identify any public references to client infrastructure

  • Development of a compromise assessment report outlining all observations and determining whether a compromise occurred

  • Sufficient, simplified information to mitigate the threat quickly and restore normalcy promptly 

To secure your business with our compromise assessment service, contact us today!.  

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