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Security Consulting

To complement our security testing services, Packetlabs offers several engagements and operational activities to help our clients assess and maintain their organizations security.

Vulnerability Management

Software vulnerabilities are identified all the time and the longer it takes for an organization to identify and remediate each vulnerability, the longer the exposure period lasts. Within this ongoing lifecycle, there are a number of pain-points organizations struggle with, namely:

  • being notified every time a new vulnerability is discovered
  • identifying which systems in your environment are affected
  • patching it

Rather than waiting for an article to hit the news about the latest vulnerability, Packetlabs identifies the latest vulnerabilities relevant to your environment and triggers your organizational processes via a service desk ticket or email. With additional insight, we can ensure remediation efforts begin immediately.

Cyber Security Assessment

Security is only as strong as the weakest link – this means a holistic approach across multiple security domains. A Cyber Security Assessment identifies controls in place within your environment, measures their effectiveness, and reviews the implemented policies and procedures to establish a maturity level at each of the core security domains.

Packetlabs recommends performing a Cyber Security Assessment to identify gaps in your security foundation prior to commencing any objective-based penetration testing.

System Hardening

System Hardening is the process of securing a system or application by reduction of the attack surface area.

Generally, systems are built in a highly permissive state to enable its users to leverage turn-key features. This accounts for a large percentage of vulnerabilities, which is why Security Hardening is often a countermeasure implemented to reduce the risk of a compromise. Packetlabs offers hardening services for a wide variety of operating systems, applications and web servers based on industry standards (CIS, NIST, ISO).

Our capabilities in this space cover the design, implementation and continuous monitoring of the hardening standard within your environment.

What We Deliver

Dramatic reduction in mean time to patch

Holistic measurement of security maturity-level within your company

Enhanced security within the environment


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April 29, 2016


Our security testing methodology is derived from the OWASP Top 10:2013 and has been enhanced with current threats and our overall experience in the industry.




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