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      Hack Yourself
      Before Someone Else Does

      Leverage the advanced skills of our Toronto-based penetration testing team
      to uncover vulnerabilities industry standards overlook

      Cyber Attacks by the Numbers

      The Verizon Databreach Report found that attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes 82% of the time. Is your organization in danger of becoming another statistic?


      of confirmed web app breaches
      were financially motivated.


      of breaches last year involved
      attacks on web applications.


      of breaches happened
      within minutes.


      of breaches involved weak,
      default or stolen credentials.

      Our Services

      Our penetration testing team uses an industry leading methodology to identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities and weaknesses often missed by conventional testing.

      Security Testing

      Advanced penetration testing designed to evaluate the effectiveness of web and mobile application security controls

      Application Security Testing


      Simulated cyber attacks that provide a hacker’s perspective of the security of your network and information systems

      Penetration Testing

      Penetration Testing

      Find the weakest link in your security to ensure your most sensitive information remains protected

      Objective-based Penetration Testing

      Managed Security QA

      Integrate security early within your development lifecycle to find vulnerabilities before production.

      Managed Security QA


      Whether you’re launching a new website, in need of a Security Assessment or working
      toward PCI compliance, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a free,
      no-obligation quote on our cyber security services.


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